Four coordinated attacks

Secret suicide pacts

Immeasurably tragic acts

Planes en route from Boston, Newark and Washington DC,

American Airlines 11, 77, 175, and United 93

transported hard working fathers, big sisters and little brothers, new mothers, acquaintences and lovers and so many others from their day to day routines to their obscene deaths.

I remember watching, as I am sure you do too, as the planes flew straight into the buildings. 

Watching Flight 77 printed on the tv screen under a shot of another building, another fire.

Hearing “Flight 77 left Dulles International Airport at 8:20am this morning” and feeling my stomach grow cold, feeling numbness enfold I ran to grab hold of a ticket.

I read the tiny black words on the paper and realized, without a doubt, Flight 77 would have been my route.

it would have been my way of coming home from visiting a friend,

my life’s inescapable end

Head in my hands, I thanked God for changing my plans.

Since then, I have spent each 9/11 anniversary wallowing in disillusion and confusion.

 But this year, I’ve arrived at a new conclusion.

After ten years of internal debate I’ve determined to stop looking at it as a great act of hate.

This year I’m not looking at the darkness. I’m focusing on the Light.

This year I’m not going to think about what people did wrong. I’m going to praise those who did right.

This year is all about how LOVE WON.

In the midst of pure, suffocating evil, LOVE WON.

Evil turned ordinary men into blind, hateful terrorists.
LOVE turned ordinary people into bold, brave, life-saving heroes.

Evil brought the victims rushing down cramped flights of stairs.
LOVE drove rescue workers up them.

Evil tore families apart.
LOVE surrounded those families with an entire nation willing to mend broken hearts.

Evil turned beams of steel into a tomb.
LOVE formed those broken beams into the shape of a cross
where grace derived from loss
pointing to the proof,
the undeniable truth
that in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.
that neither death nor life,
angels nor demons,
neither the present nor the future,
height nor depth,
or any powers in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.
So instead of letting this be a tragic anniversary,
I choose to see it as a decade of victory,
reminding me that because of the sacrifice of His son


Psalm 78: 1-7

O my people, listen to my instructions.  Open your ears to what I am saying, for I will speak to you in a parable.  I will teach you hidden lessons from our past—stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us.  We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.  For he issued his laws to Jacob; he gave his instructions to Israel.  He commanded our ancestors to teach them to their children, so the next generation might know them— even the children not yet born—and they in turn will teach their own children.  So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands.  -Psalm 78:1-7



Sparking eyes, busy hands, curious minds plotting big plans.

Wiggly bodies and energetic feet settle down on a princess seat.

At this moment I am obsolete as they work on puzzles and listen to Sesame Street.

On this tuesday morning it is not yet ten and everything on the shelves

has been pulled off and strewn over the floor, once again.

Quietly, I stand at the sink, coffee cup in hand and think

about the potpourri of “Christian” toys…

A few yummy candies wrapped with a verse tucked inside a Jesus-fish coin purse.

Two BibleGirl backpacks serve as bowls for some sugar-free cross shaped fruit snacks.

Stacks and stacks of things to fill my kids hearts with everything the world lacks.

A plush David and Goliath complete with five little rocks,

Noah’s Zoo ABC building blocks, a pair of dove print cotton socks

and a hymn-music jewelry box.

Plastic “Fruit of the Spirit” to munch on strewn beside

the comic book version of the gospel according to John.

Moses action figure with a plastic ark and staff standing on top of

an empty bottle of Jonah bubbles for the bath.

CDs and DVDs of cartoons starring Bible reading veggies.

Lord, help me please to remember that I parent best from my knees and not

when I am providing gifts (even Christian ones) with every sweet little “please”.

An armor of God plastic suit.

Sure, it’s cute.

But I wonder if it might dilute and pollute the root of the Message

until it doesn’t compute.

I want my girls to see beyond the stuff, not that it is bad it’s just extra fluff

and it is certainly not enough to teach and reach their little hearts.

No matter how smart they still need purposeful instruction about

the awesomeness of creation, the beauty of earth’s foundation

and man’s divine formation immediately followed by a spiritual confrontation

full of evil temptation disguised as a harmless conversation.

Humanity’s response to the altercation caused God devastation

and in His plan created a complication:

the realization of separation, condemnation and eternal damnation.

That is why the world became a location for a corrupt civilization

suffering from spiritual starvation and soul sedation.

Finally, a divine adaptation:

a Savior who endured humiliation and execution with the final chapter revealing a plan of ressurection, glorification and our sanctification to bring about a holy reconciliation ending in eternal celebration.

I take my job as mother seriously because I know

knowing Jesus doesn’t happen mysteriously.

It’s my responsibility to pass on the Message while they are under my wing and

bring understanding of not only right and wrong but also knowledge of how to know

Jesus and have a relationship with him that is life long.

And that is not going to happen if the extent of my strategy is just to fling

every single Jesus thing I can find at my girls

and hope something sticks…hope something clicks.

It’s about living my life in a transparent way

Putting my spiritual peaks and valleys on display

So one day my girls will say,

“I want a faith that is authentic and true,

Mommy, I want to know Jesus like you do.”


Genesis 1:27

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27

 Almighty, Advocate, Abba, Amen

Bread Of Life, Beginning

Consuming Fire within

He is the Desired of Nations and My Deliverer

I serve an Eternal God who also my Heavenly Father

The Lord is Faithful and True,

He’s a Friend of the Sinner

My Guide, God Almighty, who speaks in a whisper

The Holy One is my Hope and the High Priest Forever

He’s the only one who can say He is the “I Am”

He’s the Lion of Judah.  He’s the sacrificial Lamb


He is God who is present


He is God who heals one hundred percent


He is God who provides in every event

Jesus, Jealous, the ultimate Judge

King of Kings

Lawgiver, Leader, Light of the World, Love

Messiah, Man of sorrows who was acquainted with grief

A Nazarene whose purpose extends beyond a religious belief

Alpha, Omega, Only Begotten Son

Prince of Peace, Potter, the Purifying One

He is Qualified and

Righteous, a Redeemer and Rabbi

He’s my Savior, my Shepherd, He’s the Son of the Most High

A Teacher, the Truth, thereby being the One Who Would Die

Understand me please when I say that He is a

Very Real and Very Present help in my trouble as I

Work through the lies that wage war on my heart.  Which is why I

eXalt Him.  From the bottom of my being I exclaim that He is extraordinary.

 I yield my warped view of myself to you and

Zealously zero in on the zillions of ways

I’m made in the image of the Ancient of Days.