Genesis 1:27

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27

 Almighty, Advocate, Abba, Amen

Bread Of Life, Beginning

Consuming Fire within

He is the Desired of Nations and My Deliverer

I serve an Eternal God who also my Heavenly Father

The Lord is Faithful and True,

He’s a Friend of the Sinner

My Guide, God Almighty, who speaks in a whisper

The Holy One is my Hope and the High Priest Forever

He’s the only one who can say He is the “I Am”

He’s the Lion of Judah.  He’s the sacrificial Lamb


He is God who is present


He is God who heals one hundred percent


He is God who provides in every event

Jesus, Jealous, the ultimate Judge

King of Kings

Lawgiver, Leader, Light of the World, Love

Messiah, Man of sorrows who was acquainted with grief

A Nazarene whose purpose extends beyond a religious belief

Alpha, Omega, Only Begotten Son

Prince of Peace, Potter, the Purifying One

He is Qualified and

Righteous, a Redeemer and Rabbi

He’s my Savior, my Shepherd, He’s the Son of the Most High

A Teacher, the Truth, thereby being the One Who Would Die

Understand me please when I say that He is a

Very Real and Very Present help in my trouble as I

Work through the lies that wage war on my heart.  Which is why I

eXalt Him.  From the bottom of my being I exclaim that He is extraordinary.

 I yield my warped view of myself to you and

Zealously zero in on the zillions of ways

I’m made in the image of the Ancient of Days.